Purple Daze

The overall concept of the exhibit revolves around the hue purple. The exhibit is designed to inform people about the history of purple as well as present fun facts and the different significances of the color. Inside the exhibit will be sections of various organic items that are naturally purple. The goal of the exhibit is to have each person leave with a greater appreciation for the color and its history.


Floor Plan

Isometric View

Front Elevation


As soon as the viewer walks through the entrance, they are presented with this wall that has words associated with the different significances of purple. The word “Significance” extrudes from the wall at 3 inches, whereas the smaller words extrude 1 inch.

After passing through the wall of Significances, the viewer will walk past a wall presenting the process of making tyrian purple. Each step has a short title at the top and a brief description of the step at the bottom to help better understand the process.


Following right after the process wall, the viewer will be lead to the outdoor garden.

Within the garden will be Lavender, Purple Carrots, Grapes, Allium, Campanula Bellflowers. Each plant will have a brief description written on the sign stand.


After exiting the garden, the crystals will be presented around the corner of the space.

Each case will contain an abundance of crystals including: Amethyst, Purple Quartz, Purple Garnet and Tanzanite. Descriptions of the crystals will be provided on the sign stand next to the case.


Presented in the tanks are Piaster Ochraceus, also known as the Purple Sea Star, Fairy Wrasses, Pseudochromidae also known as Dottybacks, and Purple Sea Horses.

As seen in the other parts of the exhibit, there will be brief information about each sea creature.

Galaxy Room

This room will be filled with mirrors around the walls and the ceiling. Galaxy and Nebula lights will be projected onto the mirrors to create an infinite view that will make observer feel like they are in outer space.

Since the room will be dark, information about the Crab Nebula, also known as the Purple Nebula will be spoken through a prerecorded speaker along with soft music to give the room that outer space feel.

Graphic Elements


The Purple Daze exhibit will be placed in Washington, D.C. at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

The duration of the exhibit will be from January 7th–14th, 2021 from 10am–8pm.