The objective of this project was to redesign two U.S. currency bills of choice. The two bills chosen needed to have a theme that tied into American history and/or culture. I chose to design my bills based on American LGBTQ culture.  

The Bills

I chose Ellen Degeneres to be featured on one of the bills, because she made a huge impact on LGBTQ culture in America by risking her career and coming out on television. She has always been so confident in her sexuality and inspires others to come out and be who they want to be. 

On the back of each bill is a photo of a location with a bridge that relates to the individual. Since Ellen was born in Metairie Louisiana, I used a photo of a pier along Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana to correlate with the angle of the bridge in the next bill.

For anyone who has not been to San Francisco, the Oakland Bay Bridge is one of the main attractions. It’s big and beautiful and bright, so it needed to be featured on this bill.

Harvey Milk was the second individual I chose to be featured on a bill because he made a huge impact on LGBTQ community in San Francisco California. His efforts to make the gay community in San Francisco a more safe and open place made him an icon.

Digital Currency

For the digital form of payment, I chose to transform the bills into coins. The user would begin with a certain amount of money in their wallet.

Next, the user would slide the amount of money they would like to pay and hit “Finish Payment”.

Once the money has processed, the user would recieve this as a confirmation.