Byraissia Jones


Hello future employers, future clients, friends and family! My name is Byraissia Jones and I am an Arizona based graphic designer. I am 100% an authentic desert child, born and raised in the west valley of Phoenix. A few of my interests outside of design include dancing, skating, and caring for my bunny Star. I grew up as a fulltime competitive dancer learning a range of styles such as ballet, hip hop, jazz, contemporary, tap, and tumbling. I took interest in skating during my junior year of highschool when I got my first longboard. It first started as a way to get around and devloped into a strong hobby. Now most people’s companions tend to be cats and dogs, but I took interest in caring for a rabbit instead. All three of these interests are shown below. If you would like to know more about me, head to my contact page and shoot me an email or message!

My Anthem

My Interests